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We have been your Fishing Adventure Specialists for over 22 years working with only the best Captains and Guides Worldwide to deliver you the best possible experience.

Our team is committed to providing you with the most updated and accurate information on each of our adventures while catering to your specific needs and budget.



Ralph S. on California Hunt #97

Butch, My guide for my hunt was outstanding. They delivered everything they said they could and more. Tony was very professional, low key and knowledgeable. For several weeks prior to the hunt he would call or send photos of what he was seeing. He had me on mature bulls from daylight on. Being my first...

British Columbia #72 – Kenny S.

October hunt for Shiras Moose and mulies: “This is probably the very best of all the hunts I have been on! The outfitter stayed involved through-out the entire hunt and he made my satisfaction his first priority. I took a nice 47” Shiras moose and a very respectable 4X3 mulie....

Colorado #239

“Had a great elk hunt with this outfitter out in Colorado in Sept. As you know, Mike and I took some nice elk out there. The outfitter, his dad, and our guide, Bob, were just great. I'll shoot you back your CRITIQUE form and a more detailed letter as soon...

Belize #64 – Butch M.

I had a 50” BARRACUDA make my 10 weight fly reel sound like it was screeching in mortal agony! However, for the rookies or the folks looking for their first bones, the guides had their secret spots. Our guide (Daniel- top notch- but so was Michael and others) had such...

Argentina #39 – David L.

This was the best hunting trip I have ever been on. The outfit and the hosting was amazing from the time we arrived to leaving. They go out of their way to make everything great from you room; every meal, right to the very end of the adventure. The guides...

Alaska #51 – Jeff M.

I have hunted nearly 80 days per year since 1984 all over the world, and this guy is one of the best guides I have been fortunate to hunt with. Thanks!

South Africa #57 – Delery G.

Butch- He is absolutely, and without doubt, the finest outfitter I have ever had the pleasure to meet and hunt with! I have hunted all over, on many guided hunts, and this PH of yours is hands down- the finest I have ever known! I could go on for hours,...

Utah #29- Max M.

Hunted Mountain Lion with your outfitter at Utah#29 -  Jeff runs a great hunt and his guides and hounds are some of the best I have ever hunted with and i've been on many hunting trips. They were relentless in their efforts to get me on a big Tom and...

Alberta #286 – Mike P.

Thanks for finding this family-oriented outfitter. I can’t recommend them enough. If funds were no object, I would return to them every year.

Argentina #39 – Jimmy P.

Excellent quality and quantity of trophy stag and other species. Hospitality and food was outstanding. Most importantly, the environment (accommodation, etc.) was acceptable for my 18-year old daughter. Overall, the trip exceeded our expectations. Greatly appreciate the help provided by Don during the planning and booking of the trip!

Russia #150 – Larry H.

Butch it was wonderful!! It exceeded all my expectations! Not a single surprise in the whole trip. I took two wonderful bears, both with exceptional hides. A great adventure. Super food. The Russians were extremely accommodating. You made my trip an easy and enjoyable experience!

New Zealand #248 – Toby T.

Butch: Thanks for another awesome hunt. I killed a 390” stag and a record book tahr. He’s 13 inches and 9 inch bases. Dad killed a 400” stag and a 12 inch tahr. We swapped a Texas guided aoudad sheep hunt to this outfitter in exchange for the upgrades on...

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Target Achieved – Justin Grapes

A great group of lads and I had planned a trip to Sywell Reservoir next weekend and I didn’t waste…


Blog home3

Target Achieved – Justin Grapes

A great group of lads and I had planned a trip to Sywell Reservoir next weekend and I didn’t waste…


Blog home3

Target Achieved – Justin Grapes

A great group of lads and I had planned a trip to Sywell Reservoir next weekend and I didn’t waste…