The Bighorn River is indisputably one of the finest trout fisheries in the world, providing miles and miles of blue ribbon fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout. Its cool temperatures and steady flow, combined with prolific insect life, provide an ideal environment for trophy trout.

“Such a wonderful time last week! The entire experience was wonderful…the Lodge was extremely comfortable. The scenery is breathtaking. The fishing could not have been more fun. Very experienced guides for all levels of anglers. The food is off the charts. John and Rebecca are great hosts…already booked again for next year!”- Robert D.

Montana Trophy Trout Fly Fishing
The Bighorn River holds a greater number of large trout — fish in the 15-20 inch range — than any river in the United States. With around 8,000 trout per mile, it is not uncommon for an average angler to land 20 fish between 15 and 20 inches in a day, and most manage to hook into fish over the 20 inch mark during their stay.

Year-Round Fly Hatches
Host to phenomenal hatches nearly year round, the Bighorn provides excellent fishing from April through November. From the blue winged olives of spring to the mid summer pmds and yellow sallies to the black caddis and tricos of late summer, there is dry fly fishing to be had nearly every day of the season. As a tailwater fishery heavy run-off is never a problem, making it one of the few fisheries in the west where fly fishing is as good in April and May as it is during summer and fall.

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Guides
The professional fly fishing guides at the Lodge are knowledgeable, courteous, and gifted with unlimited patience and enthusiasm. As qualified fly fishing instructors, they can teach the fundamentals to beginners, help intermediate anglers improve their casting form, or introduce experts to new techniques for taking trophy trout.

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Equipment
A first time angler can arrive almost empty handed and receive personal instruction, utilize the Lodge’s quality Orvis fly fishing equipment and depart with the skills to begin a lifetime of fly fishing enjoyment. You can even allow their staff to assist you in purchasing your personal tools of the trade from the onsite Orvis retail shop.

Upper and Lower Bighorn River
This is one of the few outfits to guide on both the upper and lower stretches of the Bighorn River. Their years of experience on the lower Bighorn presents opportunities for exceptionally large trout and allows guests to fly fish this world famous river in near solitude. Bighorn River trips combine float fishing trips from McKenzie-style drift boats with traditional stalk and wade techniques.

“The Big Horn is high on our list! We have been 5 times and will definitely return. Besides the fishing, which is amazing, the staff couldn’t be more attentive. Everything from the meals created by Sherry (5 Stars), to the staff that makes our stay over the top comfortable! If you are looking for fishing the amazing Big Horn and getting pampered at night, this is the place for you!”- Mike D.

Fishing Seasons
The Bighorn River is a consistent and productive river year ’round. Due to its tailwater nature, spring run-off is not a problem, nor does the water become excessively low and warm in late summer.

In fact, the months of April through June witness some of the best fishing the Bighorn has to offer, while many other Rocky Mountain streams and rivers are overflowing their banks. Each season has different characteristics, however, and can offer the angler a variety of experiences.

Bighorn River Flies & Hatch Chart

April – June

More fish than any other months

Dry Flies: Blue Wing Olives, Midges. April – May is prime time for big trout on small dry flies!
Nymphs: Midge Larva, Baetis, Sow Bugs, Scuds, Algal Worms
June offers the best nymph fishing for large trout
and is the perfect month for novices.

Variety, good weather, great fishing

Dry Flies: Pale Morning Duns
The PMD’s are prolific and they aren’t so darn small
Nymphs: Caddis Larva, Baetis, Algal Worms
A good deal of sight-fishing on the riffs and shelfs
August – September

A good time for dry fly enthusiasts

Dry Flies: Caddis Flies, Hoppers, Tricos
The Caddis Fly Blizzard is phenomenal, and if the hoppers go, watch out!

Tiny tricos equal big trout.

Nymphs: Caddis Pupa, Algal Worms, Midge Larva
Shallow water sight-fishing with nymphs & emergers
October – November

Big trout in cool weather.

Dry Flies: Midges, Caddis Flies, Blue Wing Olives
The Blue Wing hatch can offer great fall dry fly action.
Nymphs/Streamers: Algal Worms, Scuds, Woolly Buggers
Streamers can produce Big Browns

A Tradition of Lodging Excellence

In 1986 the Lodge was chosen among the inaugural group of lodges to receive an endorsement from the Orvis Company for fly-fishing excellence. The lodge earned the first Orvis endorsement for wing-shooting in 1990, marking it as the first operation to achieve endorsements for both wing-shooting and fly-fishing. The lodge continues to be operated with the same care and attention to detail that has made it a world premier outdoor destinations.

Nestled amongst the cottonwoods along the Bighorn River, the lodge perfectly combines the rustic beauty of Montana with the comforts of the modern age. The lodge caters to small groups of anglers and hunters who will accept nothing short of the very finest service available.

This outfitter has always presented an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and camaraderie. In the great room — complete with trophies, a wet bar and the warmth of a wood stove — the tales of the day’s adventures takes on a spirit of tradition as they are spun out over cocktails and appetizers.

The large screened porch, complete with log furniture and an old-time swing, provides a quiet evening retreat where guests can unwind from the aggravations of the ‘real world’.

Lodge Guest Rooms
Each guest room is appointed with two beds, a full, private bath, and is decorated with an artistic touch of the Montana outdoors.

Lodge Dining
Dining at the Lodge has always been a prominent element of every guest’s stay, and many have affirmed that it is among the chief reasons for their return. Meals feature such elements as local Angus beef, rack of lamb, upland game prepared with subtle spices and home-grown herbs, wild asparagus, pies filled with Montana berries and, of course, fresh vegetables.

The dining room is a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that fosters an air of fellowship among people who share common interests.

Although it is usually the trout fishing and bird hunting that first draw guests to this Lodge, we feel that it is the distinctive elegance of the setting, the wonderful cuisine and the genuine Montana hospitality that brings them back year after year.

Lodge Hot Tub
After a day on the river or in the field, slip into the hot tub and enjoy our beautiful Big Sky Country!

Montana Fly Fishing Packages

A combination of guided drift and wade fishing on the Big Horn River and surrounding streams. April – November.

Includes: lodging, dining, instruction, guides, boats, all flies and terminal tackle, and the use of Orvis rod, reel, waders and boots, if needed. Prices do not include gratuities for guides and service staff. Prices are based on double occupancy.

Two Days, Three Nights         $2,400 / person
Three Days, Four Nights         $2,900 / person
Four Days, Five Nights           $3,400 / person
Five Days, Six Nights               $3,900 / person
Single supplements    $300 / night additional
Nonsporting rate        $375 / night additional

Shorter or longer stays are available.

Getting Here:  You fly into Billings Logan International Airport. The Lodge is approximately 45 minutes from the airport. From the airport you can either rent a car or use a shuttle service. The shuttle service runs approximately $200.00 for two people round trip. There is also a small airstrip in Hardin, 3500 Feet, where the lodge staff would be happy to come and pick you up.


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