This lodge is situated on the 9th largest lake in Canada, with an area of over 2,500 square miles. You will be fishing a heavily-indented shoreline with over 5,000 small islands and many shallow and some deep bays. The lake eventually drains into the Churchill River and on to Hudson Bay. One part of the lake is over 700 feet deep, due to a meteorite hitting it some 140 million years ago.


This is the land of big fish and big dreams. The biggest pike can exceed 50”, and the lake record lake trout was just shy of 60 pounds! Catching 100 fish a day per boat is common. Incredible fishing! Enjoy chef-prepared 5-course meals, tasty shore lunches of fresh fish, hors d’oeuvres during Happy Hour at the main lodge, professional guides and daily maid service! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

THE FISHING: So how good is the fishing really? Well let’s start with the fact that their guests annually catch and release over 1,000 pike exceeding 40”- and some into the 50” range. One boat caught 18 Northerns over 40” in a single morning! Catching many dozens of lake trout is common, and Lakers over 20 pounds and up to 60 pounds are taken as well. Catching over 100 fish per boat per day is not unusual. And with luck, you can catch the GRAND SLAM- a laker, a pike, a walleye and a grayling!

284.Mat_with_Laker-166x300 The Pike and trout here are very aggressive due to the short growing season. It is a matter of survival and of course that means catch and release fishing is the order of the day, along with barbless hooks. These giants are too valuable to simply catch once! Nice thing is you can baitcast, spin fish or fly fish- all methods work quite well. If it moves, it likely will get eaten! And the cold waters help insure that the trout are often in quite shallow water, aiding your catching. The guides all have their secret honey holes for the giants! Or just decide you want to catch a boat load of 6 to 12 pound trout- a for sure a kick too.

And with all those bays and islands, you can find sheltered pockets to fish and feel comfortable in as you prospect from one place to another. There are certainly line class world records to be caught here! For shore lunches it is tough to beat fresh walleye. The best have pushed 10 pounds, but most are in the 2 to 6 pound range.

Grayling- often called the sailfish of the north for their handsome dorsal fins. This lake has over 95 rivers and tributaries where you can catch the wonderful game fish.

LODGING: Your Lodge is situated on its own private island giving you access to a huge area largely unfished by other persons. Fish the millions of acres of water in total calm- except when a giant pike rips up the surface chasing your bait!

They have a variety of modern and vintage private cabins with hot showers, hotel style beds, fluffy towels, flush toilets and daily maid service. In your cabin is a Keurig hot beverage machine for tea, coffee or hot chocolate. You have a mini fridge with fresh ice; and there is a cedar plank sauna available as well.

A short walk to the Main Lodge and your 7 AM breakfast is ready. Lunch is normally a shore lunch- a great chance to relax, sip a hot beverage and walk out any kinks. Dinners are all chef prepared 5 course meals- you will not lose any weight here!

You can check out their tackle shop and its fishing gear, clothing and souvenirs Get the hot lures; choose a book to read, find out what is working and how to fish it.

WEATHER:  June can range from 45 to 70 degrees; July and August mid 60’s into the low 80s; September is back to cooler weather similar to June. We suggest rain gear for running the lake and also as protection for the occasional storm.

CORPORATE RETREATS: With full internet, they can easily handle a corporate retreat and do so every year. If the group is large enough you can take over the entire lodge. Attendees can enjoy nature walks, fish, play pool, have a shore lunch and just plain relax. Great for team building.

TRAVEL: You need to arrive in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and spend the night the day before your flight is to depart for the Lodge. Lodge flights leave a 5 AM from Saskatoon, and fly to the Lodge’s landing strip behind the camp. The flight is about 75 to 90 minutes. Do not miss it!! You will be fishing that day! Weight limit on luggage is 50 pounds.
By way of example, Assume you book a 4 day fishing trip for June 21-24. Arrive June 20 in Saskatoon and fly out early the next morning. Fish from your arrival on the 21st, thru the 24th. On the 25th at about 8 AM you will fly back to Saskatoon.

LICENSES: Buy them on line prior to leaving:

For the 2022 season the Lodge is offering the following packages:
4 days/5 nights (4 days’ fishing) – $4,795 per person
8 days/9 nights (8 days fishing) – $6,895 per person

We can also customize a longer trip for even more fishing adventure.

1. Return air transportation from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2. Shuttle service from the hotel to your private charter at the airport.
3. Custom built deluxe 18 foot fishing boats with cushioned custom seats, casting decks, 50 hp new Yamaha motors and two-way radios
4. Daily noon shore lunch on the lake prepared by your guide
5. Hearty breakfast and great evening meals
6. Hors d’oeuvres at Happy Hour in the lodge preceding evening dinner
7. Complimentary cocktail or beverage every evening
8. Separate main dining lodge with lounge and meeting area
9. Professional guide per two fishermen
10. Daily maid service
11. The use of all Lodge facilities and equipment.
12. Wireless internet

Not Included:
Applicable taxes, hotel accommodations, taxis, fishing licenses, guide overtime, fishing tackle, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Tackle shop, lounge purchases and gratuities

NEW! They are opening up an outpost camp- a do it yourself camp with two 18 X 24’ rustic log cabins that can each sleep up to 6 people. Wide open floor plan with a big wood stove and with kitchen and dining needs at the front of the cabin. A big propane grill will be there for fish and steak dinners. Completely stocked with bedding, towels, pots and pans, cook stuff etc. There is a generator building and laundry facilities and 6 excellent boats of 16 to 18’ in length with 20 to 30 HP Yamaha motors This is all located on a 23 mile long lake and the information on that area is too extensive to print here.

DIY PRICING 2022: 7 day trip $2795 per person 5 day trip is $2195 pp – but requires min of 8 per group.


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