This outfitter has been with us for 18 years or so! He has taken a number of our client’s brown bear
hunting, duck hunting and blacktail hunting on the Island. He is personable, works like the devil for a client , and does everything just as well as he can, so no surprise that his fishing is done the same way. He is also among the most reasonable of the Kodiak fishing operations that we represent.

His lodge is a modern facility located on his own 5 acres of ocean front. There are no neighbors either! He offers you comfortable accommodations with private bedrooms and delicious home coked meals that will have you groaning with overly full stomachs. Lunches are on the boat. In the evening, after a day of fishing, feel free to jump in a hot shower or take a fine sauna. Sit in the ocean view living room, just 30 feet off the water. Enjoy the setting sun bouncing off the ice covered peaks nearby.

With over 25 years of experience professionally guiding fishermen, he knows what works, he knows how best to do it, and he prides himself on understanding clients’ desires and their needs. He limits his boat to a maximum of 6 clients, but normally there is only a single party at a time aboard.


Three species are the primary draw: Chinook (or King) Salmon; Coho (or Silver) Salmon, and the delicious and hard fighting Halibut. King Salmon run 25 to 50 pounds each, but can be larger. Normally best time is May, June and early July. Expect a battle royal from these giant salmon.

Coho Salmon (silvers) are known for their fighting ability, large numbers and their willingness to jump and fight like the dickens. They average 10 to 15 pounds, but can be a bit larger. Best times are the second half of July into mid-September. They also are fine eating!

Halibut is considered by many to be the best tasting fish of all. These are migratory, but usually move into the shallow in May and stay through September, gorging themselves on salmon carcasses and anything else around. They fight incredibly hard and fish over 100 pounds are not unusual, and can go to 300 pounds and much more! Expect to also catch various rockfish, including yelloweye, the voracious and tasty ling and more.

He fishes from a specially built 40 foot charter boat, originally intended to handle 18 salmon and halibut fishermen, but he limits it to 6. That gives you plenty of room to move around and fight big fish. The boat has a warm stove, a full galley, a head, and can be completely walked around. It is a warm, dry, stable and safe boat to fish from.


King salmon: Also called Chinooks, these are the big boys averaging from 20 to 50 pounds and can be larger. Good fishing May through September but peak is in June and July.

Halibut: Kodiak has a prolifice Halibut fishery and limits are normally among the highes take allowed in Alaska. Currently (and it can change) one fish under 32” and another of any size! Limit of 2 per day, but that means you should catch 25 to 50 pounds of take home fish daily! You should easily take home your personal 50 pound box of frozen fish. Over 50 pounds you willneed a second box and some extra shipping expense.

Lingcod and rockfish: Great eating fish, strong fighters and some Alaskans claim noting beats Rockfish!

TRAVEL: You must arrive into Kodiak Airport a day prior to your lodge arrival. Depending on weather, flights, etc., you may need to overnight in Kodiak itself (fun to explore). There is a great tackle shop there (Big Rays), plus good food and pubs. You can rent a car or Uhaul and spend part of the day on your own fishing the various rivers nearby. He suggests his clients stay at the Buskin Inn or Kodiak Inn so that Andrew Air can pick you up early in morning. It is best to get your fishing license and species stamps prior to arrival by going online to ADF&G. You normally will leave around 8:00 AM for your fishing flight. You must pay
directly to the charter company – about $425 round trip, split among the passengers on the flight. You depart camp on your return flight at about 8:30AM and get back to Kodiak about 9:30AM. The flight itself is a big part of your adventure!!

2023 pricing:   

Saltwater Fishing – Salmon and Halibut

May 16 – September 15

5 days, 5 nights $3,500


  •  In-field transportation
  •  Plenty of great food
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Expert field care of meat and trophies
  • Licensed, experienced, and insured guide
  • Professional dedication to a quality outdoor adventure

Additional Costs: Tips, fishing licenses and tags. They
will also vacuum pack and box your catch (up to 50
pounds) to take home.




1-307-637-5495[email protected];  www.fish-nation.com


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