Bahamas Bonefish Galore and Family Fun! Trip #82 – North Andros Island

Bahamas Bonefish Galore and Family Fun! Trip #82 – North Andros Island

Yup- that is Jimmy Houston, the famed fisherman at this very location with a very nice bonefish. So with all his fishing contacts–why did he come here? He came because Andros Island is considered to be perhaps the Bonefish Capital of then World! This Island paradise is unique in offering you big numbers of bones, and a legitimate chance to take bones in the 7 to 10 pound and larger class!! And all of this is only about 130 miles off the coast of Florida. We ourselves have chased bonefish from Miami to Belize, and this spot- North Andros Island, is truly unique. And if you have family, this is a wonderful place to have fun as well!  In fact, a number of clients have decided on this destination for a family trip, knowing all it offers.

Andros Island is part of the group of islands known as the Bahamas, and is the largest of the Bahamian Islands. Andros in total has an area greater than all the other 700 Bahamian islands combined. The land area of Andros consists of hundreds of small islets and cays connected by fish rich estuaries and incredibly productive tidal swamplands. The island is in 3 parts, Andros, Mangrove Cay and South Andros. These three main islands are separated by bights (shallow bays), and estuaries that trifurcate the island from east to west. It is 167 kilometers (104 mi) long by 64 km (40 mi) wide at the widest point. During the late 1600s and 1700s, various pirates and buccaneers frequented Andros Island. In 1713 the Bahama Islands were declared a Republic of Pirates! Morgan’s Bluff and Morgan’s Cave on North Andros are named after the famous privateer-pirate, Henry Morgan for whom Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is named.

Noteworthy for a unique combination of marine features and ecosystems, Andros is bordered on the east by the 6,600 foot deep Tongue of the Ocean. The Andros Barrier Reef is the world’s sixth longest. It runs for 140 miles, averaging a distance of 1–2 miles from the Andros shore. The extensive flats of the Great Bahama Bank lie to the west, northwest and south of Andros. The island has the world’s largest collection of blue holes for great diving. It has a moderate temperature range due to its relative proximity to the Gulf Stream.

The island has a tropical climate with only two seasons, summer (May–November) and winter (December–April). Midsummer temperatures range from 80°F-85°F with a relative humidity of 60 to 100 percent. Winter temperatures range from 70-75°F and can drop after dark.

As fishers, it is important to understand that the barrier reef and the Tongue of the Ocean, together with the mangrove swamps, rocky tidal pools, and estuaries, provide breeding and growing habitats for a wide variety of marine life. Andros has a variety of close-to-shore and on-shore ecosystems that may be unique to this Earth: tidal inland and ocean blue holes, shallow sand and mud flats, tidal estuaries, mangrove swamps. Add to that the pelagic ecozone of the 6,600-foot drop-off only 1 mile from shore; now add the world’s third-largest barrier reef; add in the huge freshwater aquifers pumping out millions of gallons of fresh water — and you have a marine biosphere rich with the teeming life of the mangrove marshes and estuaries on the mainland, plus the upwelling of cool water from the Tongue of the Ocean.  Put it all together and you have an unparalleled variety of sea life.

From the moment you step onto this private pristine beach, you’re enveloped in a paradise of possibilities. Immerse yourself in the soothing rhythm of the waves as you relax under the warm sun or embark on exhilarating water adventures like snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. Explore the lush tropical landscapes on nature hikes or bike rides, discovering hidden trails and vibrant flora. Indulge in the flavors of the Bahamas with beachside picnics and sunset barbecues, savoring the freshest seafood and local cuisine.


This property is situated on an acre and a half of untouched, ocean front property, featuring two homes built in 2021.  The homes are coastal inspired with an open floor plan and lots of windows allowing for natural light and an ocean breeze. Light tones of blue, green, beige, and white are emphasized throughout the homes; and while the décor and furnishing are simple, yet elegant in style, color, and material, they allow for the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The Lodge is the larger of the two vacation homes and is closer to the water. This 2000sq.ft. home has 3 oversized bedrooms, each with a private, in-suite full bathroom. There is also an outdoor shower located on the side of the house, an excellent place to wash off the salt and the sand. The home has washer/dryer amenities used by both homes.

The rooms are furnished with two XL Twin beds, that can be converted into one King, sleeping a total of 6 guests. (Air mattresses provided upon request for additional sleeping arrangements.) The master suite features French doors leading onto a private ocean front porch.

The dining room shares the open space of the kitchen, breakfast bar, sitting room, and sunken living room, making for a great area to gather. The floor to ceiling glass doors allows for a panoramic view of your private seascape; the only thing better than this backdrop, is to open these doors to the deck, where the tropical aroma and the light sea breeze will fill your senses and sweep you off your feet into another world where you can unwind and relax.

6 Guest Max: 2000 sq. ft. 3 Spacious Bedrooms each with In-Suite Bathroom-
2 XL Twin Beds or 1 King Bed

$795/night (3-night minimum)
$5195/week (7-nights)

  • Price does NOT include 10% Bahamian Value Added Tax and $150.00 cleaning fee.

The Bungalow is a comfortable and classy 900 sq. ft. cottage with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The first bedroom has a queen-size bed, while the second offers two XL Twin beds that can easily be converted into a King, sleeping a total of 4 guests. (Air mattresses provided upon request for additional sleeping arrangements.)

The home is situated slightly behind and off to the side of The Marlin House, yet is still an ocean front property, boasting amazing an amazing ocean view from the kitchen, living room and covered front porch.

The glass front door and large windows provide the cottage with an abundance of natural light. While the ‘open concept’ kitchen, eat-in dining, and living area are in the front of the house, the bedrooms and bathrooms are kept quiet and cool toward the back. The cottage is equally equipped with all your living essentials.

4 Guest Max: 1000 sq. ft. 2 Bedrooms each with In-Suite Bathroom
1 Queen Bed and 2 XL Twin Beds or 1 King Bed

$395/night (3 night minimum)
$2495/week (7 nights)

  • Price does NOT include 10% Bahamian Value Added Tax and $150.00 cleaning fee.

TRAVEL: The island is served by multiple daily flights from Nassau by Jet 1, BahamasAir, Watermakers
Air, Western Air, and LeAir. The flight to any of the four airports is 15-25 minutes. Daily scheduled flights to Nassau from London, Paris, New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando and other major cities provide easy connection from Andros to the rest of the world. Also there are regularly scheduled charters that provide direct service to Andros Town from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

2024  Rates

# of Nights      # of Days Fishing        2 Anglers/Boat        1 Angler/Boat

5 Nights                     4                                  $5995                          $6995

4 Nights                     3                                  $4995                          $5995

3 Nights                      2                                  $3995                          $4995

Non-Angler Daily Rate (Must be accompanied by a paying Angler) $275/day per person

Price Includes:

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks
  • Non-Alcoholic beverages included with meals
  • Transportation to and from San Andros Airport
  • Professionally Guided Fishing
  • Beach front pickup and drop off
  • Use of fishing reels, poles and equipment
  • Private beach
  • Use of Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Snorkel Gear, Fishing Poles, Slings
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Smart TV in room upon request

Not Included:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Airfare to and from North Andros Island
  • Fishing License
  • Guide and Service Gratuities


6:30am – 7:30am-  Breakfast
7:45am-7:55am-  Fishing boat arrives at Lured Inn
8:00am-4:00pm-  On Water (Lunch provided)
4:30pm-5:30pm-  Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres
6:00pm – Dinner and Dessert

What to Bring: 

  •    Personal fly rods, flies, and lures
    •    Camara
    •    Swimwear, hat, and light jacket
    •    Sunscreen, Bug spray, Chap stick
    •    Cash

We are really excited about offering this unique and private fishing Lodge to our clients and think it offers adventuresome anglers superb fishing opportunities. Perfect for those who love wild and untamed locations.



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