They operate from a new 3-year-old lodge, not from a vessel like many outfitters is Brazil. The lodge is family oriented and it was designed to bring as much comfort as possible to its clients; while still preserving the Amazon Jungle. The lodge is located at the Irirarra river, one of Rio Negro’s tributary river. It is only 5 minutes in a bass boat to the Rio Negro waters. The Rio Negro and his tributaries have a very acidic “Coca Cola” color water. That means virtually “NO MOSQUITOS”. It is the perfect habitat for one of the most impressive fishes in the World, the Açu (speckled) Peacock Bass, Cichla Temensis.  It is also home of three other species of peacock bass (Orinoco, Popoca and Tara), and multiple game fishes like Arawana, Arapaimas, Red Tail Catfish, Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish, Piraíba (Lau-Lau) and many others.  Due to the rainfall regime and river floods, they operate every year from September to January.

The lodge provides an all-inclusive service with an open bar. They have a full time bartender, servers, chef, etc. A total of more than 100 employees. Their service will start as soon as you arrive at the Manaus airport. Manaus is the capital of the State of the Amazon, the largest state in Brazil. The host will pick you up at the airport in a van and take you to the Windham hotel what it is only a 10 minutes ride from the airport. The next day clients will have a breakfast at the hotel and around 9:00 AM they will be taken to the local airport where they will board a charter flight to the city of Barcelos, the Peacock Bass World capital. The flight duration will be approximately one hour and 20 minutes. Once you land in Barcelos, you will board a speed boat equipped with 2 x 250HP Mercury engines. You will ride for 1 hour and 30 minutes until reaching the lodge. During this trip a bartender will be serving drinks and appetizers.

Upon arrival at the lodge, each client will be accommodated to your cabin based on double occupancy. A Single occupancy is possible with an extra cost.  The basic set up for each Cabin is 2 full size beds, AC, its own bathroom and shower with hot water, a fridge loaded with water, beer, juices and sodas, towels, linens, blankets and pillows.

We recently explored this Amazon fishery and quickly realized our concerns about the Amazon jungle were completely ungrounded! No bugs; no snakes; friendly people, and of course a world class fishery. We felt completely safe, and as proof of that, one of our Pro Staffers, Diego, has made dozens of trips to the Amazon for fishing, taking his 1 year old daughter with him along with his 6 year old son, (who currently holds two IGFA youth World records from his Brazil catches). See the 4 inset pix of Diego above.  We watched his 6 year old and the other fishermen cavorting in the river, totally unconcerned about the nearly fictional ability of a piranha to charge up an devour you! We did find they make a tasty meal though, while putting up a good fight!

You will be introduced to your guide and will spend the afternoon setting up your gear and planning the fishing strategies with the guide. The Peacock bass fishing is directly influenced by the rain and level of water of the Rio Negro and his tributaries. Fishing from 115hp bass boats improve the chances to reach spots with better water conditions fast so anglers can spend more time fishing than navigating.

Clients can relax in the pool and will also enjoy a welcome special dinner for that night. It is important that you share with your guide your expectations since they will always try to provide a custom experience for every single client. For example, you might want to take family out and catch a lot of fish instead of trophy fishing. No problem! This is a great operation to take your family to. A unique fishery!

The next 6 days will be full days of fishing. Fishing time is from 6AM to 6PM; but each client can choose his/her own itinerary. You will have the option to choose between coming back to the lodge for lunch and some rest; or have some freshly cooked fish at the river on the sand beaches or, if you prefer you can just have a quick sandwich and some snacks in order to maximize your fishing time.

During the week, the lodge will provide special events like the Italian night with pastas and wine, Churrasco night (Brazilian steak), and lunch at the beach where they will set up a bar and a grill at the beach so clients can enjoy the water of the Rio Negro River.  On the last day, you will leave the lodge around 8:30 AM and will go back to Barcelos in a speed boat.

From Barcelos you will fly back to Manaus and stay one more night at the TRYP hotel. The host will pick up clients at the Hotel transport them to the airport so they can safely return home. Most international flights arrive in Manaus between 2:30am- 5:00am in the morning and they will depart back normally between 3:30am to noon. Copa Airlines serves multiples cities in US and they will fly to Manaus with a stopover in Panama. Avianca connects US to Manaus with a stopover in Bogota, Azul Airlines connects US to Manaus directly from Fort Lauderdale and American Airlines connects US to Manaus from Miami.

A NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS: We stayed at the Windham TRYP hotel- great place with a good downstairs restaurant, great showers, large clean rooms and comfortable beds too! Easy access to a huge nearby mall for shopping.


(2-3) long-sleeved light weight shirts
(2) short-sleeved light weight shirts
(2) light weight fishing pants
(2) shorts
Swimsuit, underwear and socks
Tennis shoes, deck shoes and/or sandals- suitable to wade with.
Casual travel clothes
Fishing hat (preferably with long bill and some type of drape for neck)
One or two Buffs to cover face and ears and hold down your cap while boating
Ball cap
(2) Polarized sunglasses (dark and light)
Light weight/breathable rain suit
Fingerless Fishing gloves  Fly fishers need  finger tape for protection against strong runs by powerful fish.
Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) and Aloe Vera for sunburn
Lip Balm/Chapstick with SPF
Insect repellent
Small flashlight
Camera and/or video camera with batteries, chargers and extra memory cards
Waterproof pack or gear bag to take on the fishing boat each day
Plastic Tackle box with fishing reels, lures, line, accessories, etc…
Small first aid kit with bandages, Neosporin, aspirin/ibuprofen, etc…


Airline tickets(International & Domestic)

Passport with valid Brazilian Visa (leave copy of your passport with someone back in the U.S. in case of loss) NOTE: The Brazilian Visa is in a state of flux. Please talk to us at Fish Nation about this requirement.

Immunization record

Wallet – Credit card, Cash (some smaller bills for shopping, tipping and taxi)

Medical and/or Evacuation Insurance cards with phone numbers

Medication/Prescriptions in original containers

Pen for filling out custom forms

Change of clothing, in case of baggage delay

Anything you want to positively have with you on the trip

We personally carry-on everything listed above plus a spare pair of sunglasses, reel, phone, etc…


2-  6’6″ medium heavy bait casting rod with a Shimano Curado 300 or similar loaded with 80 lb braided line.

2 – 7′ medium action bait casting rod with a Shimano Curado 200 or similar loaded with 65 lb braded line.

4    6 1/2″ Woodchopper type top water lures

4    4 1/2″ Jumping Minnows top water lures

4    5″ Hydro Pencils top water lures (really not used much by the guides)

4    Crystal Minnows jerk baits

4    Pervasas jerk baits

4    Brava subsurface baits

12  1/2 oz extended tail jigs

2-  medium heavy spinning rods with a 3000 Shimano spinning reel or similar loaded with 65 lb test line.

2 Fly rods 9 foot′ 9wt TFO Mangrove fly rods and TFO 375 reels loaded with floating lines and also with a sinking tip fly line. 30, 40 & 50 lb flourocarbon tippet material + 4  dozen Deceiver flies (4 – 5″) .



BASS BOAT FISHING PACKAGE                   US$ 4,500                                                     US$ 6,800

RATES IN MANAUS AND BARCELOS*        US$ 1,000                                                     US$ 1,000

TOTAL PER PERSON                                  US$ 5,500                                                      US$ 7,800


01/19 – 01/26 2025 (12 spots available only)
01/26 – 02/02 2025 (26 spots available)
02/02 – 02/09 2025 (14 spots available)
09/21 – 09/28 2025 (14 spots available)
10/26 – 11/02 2025 (18 spots available) 


5% discount on Couples Packages + imported sparkling wine and romantic decoration on arrival.
Children up to 11 years old in a trio with 2 people, do not pay the Package (except for fee of US$ 1,000).


1 night at the Tryp Hotel in Manaus in a double room and 1 extra night at the Tryp Hotel upon return from Barcelos/Manaus.

The chartered air taxi (round trip) from Manaus to Barcelos shared with the entire group of the date, at the fixed times. 1 transfer upon arrival in Manaus, from the International Airport to the Tryp Hotel.

1 transfer shared with everyone on the date in Manaus, from the Tryp Hotel to the Airport at the set times.

2 transfers in Barcelos shared with everyone on the date (IN-OUT: Airport – Hotel) at the set times.

1 return transfer from Barcelos/Manaus from the International Airport to the Tryp Hotel, and 1 transfer from the Tryp Hotel to the International Airport on the return flight to your country.

1 municipal tourism fee charged by Barcelos municipality since 2018.


7 days in a Jungle Hotel, in the largest tropical forest in the world (Amazon), on the Arirarrá River, between Barcelos/AM and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro/AM.

Private chalets with double suites (only those who hire an Individual package will be alone in the chalet).

Suites with balcony; 1 double bed per fisherman, air conditioning, minibar, bathroom with glass shower, hot and clean water. Water from artesian wells and free daily laundry service.

WI-FI in common areas; TV room; Pub; Restaurant; Swimming pool, beaches close to the Hotel and constant contact with the local nature, which is paradisiacal. Regional, national and international cuisine;

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, snacks.

Lunch at the hotel (if advised the day before) or barbecue on the beautiful beaches of the rivers or sandwiches, according to the option of each group. Drinks included: natural juices, soft drinks, water (tonic, carbonated and still); 4 types of beers (Ex: Heineken, bud, Estella, Corona).

Wines, Whiskey 12 years, Campari, Vodka, Gin, Sake and other spirits (all imported and top). Exclusively family atmosphere and specialized service for couples, children and the elderly.


3 days Bass Boat Fishing (Bass Classics by Mega Bass, 17 feet equipped with):
Mercury 115hp 4 stroke outboard engine;
Electric motor 70 lbs with remote control, anchor function and 3 batteries 110 Amp;

Radio, life jackets, large cooler for drinks, large nursery, several compartments and large fuel tank; Moro Deconto baits, all pliers, original bogagrip, IGFA ruler, nets, sinkers; Note: The boats will be double or triple occupancy, as previously agreed (only those who hire an Individual package will fish alone in a boat).

Complete first-aid kit (including anti-allergenic), umbrellas for fishing and lunch in the shade, hammocks and director-type chairs for lunch in the woods, repellents, sunscreen, barbecue kits, snacks, among other amenities for your comfort.  Professional Fishing Guide service (natives with long experience in the region with exclusive training). The departure and return of the fishery is always from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (Safe sailing hours).


Air tickets to Manaus.
The Federal and State Fishing License (IPAAM) is for the account of the Fisherman.
Reels, lines and rods must be taken by the fisherman or rented at the Hotel (subject to availability and disclaimer).
Tips are not included and are strongly cultural in sport fishing (For: Guides, Waiters, Cooks, Chambermaids and maintenance).

We are really excited about offering this unique trip to our clients and their families. It offers adventuresome anglers superb fishing opportunities and awesome amenities for family. Perfect for those who love wild and untamed locations.


PHONE:  307-637-5495    email:    [email protected]


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