A long-time west coast secret, the incredible fishery that is Mexico’s Magdalena Bay is attracting ever increasing international attention. Located on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula approximately 800 miles south of the California border Magdalena Bay is protected by five barrier islands. Spanning some 131 miles, with most of its shore lined with mangroves, this is the largest bay on the West Coast of the peninsula. An extraordinary habitat, the plankton-rich environment attracts sardine and shrimp with other baitfish which in turn attracts a diversity of sea life. The astonishing offshore fishery stretches approximately 100 miles out in front of Magdalena Bay, from the Thetis Bank north of Cabo San Lazaro, down to below Punta Tosca at the southern end of Santa Margarita Island. Over the years, as the word spread, the number of local boats large enough to access the offshore action comfortably has grown and many yachts traveling to and from California plan their trips to coincide with its fall fishery that can begin as early as August and can last until January. A few yachts make the journey from Mexico, Central America and a few even travel all the way from the U.S. East Coast to experience what many claim can be overwhelming some of the best striped marlin action on the planet! Yet, the number of boats fishing in the Mag Bay area is still minimal compared to other Baja destinations.

The history of this Lodge as a core spot for Magdalena Bay fishing is deep rooted in the recent history of the town of San Carlos.  We all know that fishing in Mag Bay is world class.  We know the long range San Diego boats make it a destination for the 8+ day trips, they often make bait right outside of San Carlos on Isla Magdalena as well.  But there really is no spot in the area for a base for a sport fishing operation.

This Lodge was built nearly 30 years ago by some well-respected Americans with a vision for fishing in Mag Bay that was far ahead of the time.  This group of men and woman did not build the Lodge for a business, but rather for their friends, family, etc and they kept the Lodge low profile for many years.  The fishing they have done over the past 30 years is enough to amaze any fishermen.  Casting anything you want all day long and hooking wahoo, giant tuna, dorado, marlin one after another on every cast.

The vision of the lodge is to share this Magdalena Bay fishing experience with the world.  They offer all-inclusive trips so you have nothing to worry about except enjoying your vacation.  The lodge is well maintained, has a swimming pool, hot tub, huge garage, workshop, tackle room, outside dining area, and more.

The Fishing

The striped marlin fishery at Magdalena Bay is the best there is! When you see the bait show with striped marlin, sea lions, dorado, tuna and whales, it like a National Geographic movie, incredible fishery! It is undeniably and indisputably the best striped marlin fishing grounds with all records of most marlin caught in a day. It’s not uncommon for charters to boat well over 100 marlin in a day. In October and November if Captains have less than 20 marlin in a day it’s most likely because the clients got tired of reeling in marlin. No place in the world is able to boast such incredible marlin fishing.  The schools of marlin, wahoo, tuna and dorado that find their way into a boat pattern often outnumber the lures being trolled. The multiple double-digit events per day can include four or five species billfish, dorado and maybe even a wahoo or yellowfin tuna all in one area. What makes the Magdalena Bay offshore fishing so astonishing is a convergence of conditions that occur in the fall. This spectacle varies from year-to-year but can often reach truly amazing proportions in October and November when the volume of baitfish appears, attracting large schools of billfish mostly striped marlin but additional species can also be found feeding frantically on the huge bait balls. As the sea-temps cool, pelagics that had moved north or came in from the west will move south, following the warmer sea-temps as they retreat down the Baja West Coast. It would be easy to assume that the volume of fish would attract a huge fleet of battlewagons to exploit the Magdalena Bay fishery. Still, the remoteness and lack of facilities, added to the difficulty of getting there has thus far kept the fleet size small.

If you target the dorado during these same times you can have limits for everyone on board in 30 minutes and catch and release 100 more throughout the day. And not small dorado either, they get big mahi to 40 lbs or so.  Mag Bay is also known for its world class wahoo fishing. The Long Range San Diego Boats travel 2.5 days to anchor up out front for yellowfin tuna and Wahoo. What is known as the Ridge is one of the greatest Wahoo fishing destinations, often times you’ve caught your limit by 11am.

“This trip was a trip of a lifetime. Top to bottom everything was amazing. Your staff could not have been nicer, the fishing was insane, and the captains were amazing. Thank you again for everything. Juan was fantastic and really went above and beyond to make sure our time there was special and unique. Aldo may be the best captain I have ever fished with”.
  Angelo P.

“I have been visiting mag bay since my youth. Those who know me, know that fishing is my life. This lodge and operation is nothing short of amazing. Hands down, it is my absolute favorite fishing destination and the crew, boats, and service provided just make it so much fun. Thanks guys”!  Joe C.

Mag Bay can offer some of the best fishing the world has to offer. In very few places are boats able to potentially raise 100+ marlin in a single day, or have multiple triple to quintuple hook-ups on wahoo in a single day. The unspoiled waters at the ridges and banks outside of Isla Magdalena and the surrounding area are a true gift to fishermen worldwide.



When examining Magdalena Bay, the inshore fishery offers a variety of habitats and species.  This is marked by a multitude of channels, both deep and shallow, leading to the mangrove-lined esteros. Their fishing charter clients often encounter 10 or more species in a single day catching sierra, corvina, halibut, roosterfish, pargo, Golden Trevalle, grouper, pompano, trigger fish, bay bass, snook, jack crevalle, and much more. The local mangroves and the island offer a habitat and fishery that is absolutely phenomenal for light tackle and fly fishing.

Anglers who have fished mangroves before already know that many freshwater techniques can come into play fishing the current as steelhead fishermen do, using top water poppers like bass fishermen, or fishing different parts of the water column like trout fishermen with streamers. Understanding tidal flow is crucial! The temptation to attempt to capitalize on high and low slack is always present.

Contrary to offshore behavior, the inshore bite usually shuts off at high slack. Incoming or outgoing tide or current is an angler friend regardless of what style fishing: live bait, artificial or fly. Ripping current and water color are a couple of clues to watch for together with birds diving, baitfish on the surface and fish chasing bait. Casting along the edges of the channel, using different lures top-water, sub-surface or heavier gear on the bottom until the right combination is found that the fish can’t resist, can be the key to success. An excellent way to determine the most likely area to target is slow-trolling a Rapala-style swimming lure along the mangrove-lined shoreline in order to locate spots where the fish are schooling. The key to the whole area is about bait. When fish come into that area (either offshore or inshore) or any area down there, the bait is the reason why. If the conditions are right and there’s alot of bait, they will find it! So, if you want to experience some of the finest fishing available, Mag Bay should be your destination. Be sure to do your homework, be patient and you can experience the marvel of the Magdalena Bay action.


The Lodge

The Lodge is perhaps the finest home in all of Magdalena Bay from Adolfo Lopez Mateos to San Carlos for fishing, whale watching or vacationing in general.  The Home itself has room for 7 people to sleep, including 3 bedrooms.  The property also has a garage for parking and there is a pool and hot tub onsite – which also is the only one in all of Magdalena Bay.  There are kayaks available to use, a pool table, BBQ area and the lodge is a 3-minute walk to the Bay.


They offer all-inclusive fully catered charters to reach this areas amazing fishing grounds.

3 Days Fishing Offshore Boston Whaler-  5 NIGHTS 3 DAYS FISHING

  • ALL INCLUSIVE – Price Based on 4 People
  • World Class Sportfishing
  • The Best Food in Magdalena Bay
  • Lodge Style Accommodations

$3300 / Person (Based on 4 People)

3 Days Fishing Offshore Hydra Sport 30′-  5 NIGHTS 3 DAYS FISHING

  • ALL INCLUSIVE – Price Based on 4 People
  • World Class Sportfishing
  • The Best Food in Magdalena Bay
  • Lodge Style Accommodations

$3300 / Person (Based on 4 People)

3 Days Fishing Pro Cat 36′ 5 Nights Lodge- 5 NIGHTS 3 DAYS FISHING

  • ALL INCLUSIVE – Price Based on 6 People
  • World Class Sport Fishing
  • Exquisite Meals Prepared at the Lodge
  • Transportation to and from Airport

$3300/ Person Based on 6 Anglers

3 Days Fishing Cape Horn 28′ 5 Nights Lodge-  5 NIGHTS 3 DAYS FISHING

  • ALL INCLUSIVE – Price Based on 3 People
  • World Class Sportfishing
  • The Best Food in Magdalena Bay
  • Lodge Style Accommodations

$3300 / Person Based on 3 Anglers

A Typical 5 Days Offshore Fishing Trip Itinerary:

Day 1 (Arrival to Airport)- Flight Arrives around 2pM – 4PM. They will pick you up at the airport and head across the baja penisula to Mag Bay in preparation for an epic fishing adventure.  Upon arrival, have a meal, have a few drinks, unwind, etc and prepare for fishing at the break of light.

Day 2 (Fishing)- Wakeup at 5 AM. Enjoy a quick breakfast that is prepared for you.  Hop in the van and head over to the boat.  Depart about 6 AM for some serious offshore big game fishing.  Boat returns on average around 4 PM.   Back up to the Lodge and enjoy a nice dinner around 6 PM.  Relax, check out the town, watch a movie, use the computers, etc but prepare for another days fishing.

Day 3 (Fishing)-  Repeat Day 2. Sometimes on this day Captains might offer another style of fishing depending on time of year, client preference, previous day, etc.  Some clients like to seek out the giant grouper, pargo, white sea bass, and yellowtail that tend to live here year round.  Other times we just pursue more Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, and Dorado.

Day 4 (Fishing)-  Repeat Day 2. Again, depending on time of year, previous days, and client preference we will fish the most appropriate method and location.

Day 5 (Rest Day)-  Get some R and R…or not. This is a day for even more fun.  The idea is to hang around the town, visit the beach, enjoy some seafood, swim in the pool, and things of this nature.  Others choose to do another activity such as kayaking, or fishing the mangroves from a panga, etc.  Discuss this with the lodge for alternate options on this day.

Day 6 (Return Home)-  Wake up by 7 AM. This is your last day.  They will prepare you a nice breakfast about 7:30 AM and pack the gear into the van.  Depart at 8:30 AM to return to Loreto Airport.

INSHORE PACKAGE:  The Mangroves in Magdalena Bay are one of the few fishing destinations in the world where you can cast 10 times in a row, catch 10 fish, and every single one is a different species.  It is a truly amazing fishery!

 3 Days Mangrove Fishing 5 Nights Lodge-  5 NIGHTS 3 DAYS FISHING ON CAPE HORN

  •  ALL INCLUSIVE Trip for 3 Anglers
  •  3 Days Fishing 5 Nights
  •  Over 180 miles of Mangrove Fishery
  •  Great Dining in the Lodge

$1,750 / Person Based on 3 Anglers

A Typical 3 Days Inshore Fishing Trip Itinerary:

Day1-  Airport Pickup. Head over to San Carlos, have a nice dinner, prepare all the gear and tackle, and rest up for the next day.

Day 2-  Breakfast at 7:00 AM   Fishing by 8 AM.  Return home at by 4 PM.  Relax, cook up some fresh fish, take a dip in the pool or get some fresh clams, shrimp or lobster if available, etc.

Day 3-  Repeat Day 2.

Day 4-  Repeat Day 3.

Day 5-  R & R. Sleep in, do some kayaking, checkout the town, drink some beers, go after some seafood, or whatever you like.  If you are hard core and want to fish some more let us know and we can work it out usually.

Day 6-  Return to Airport. Breakfast is at 7:30 and van leaves at 8:30 to return to Loreto.  Have a nice trip home and prepare for your return next year!


Flights:  Because only 2 airlines fly from the US to Loreto and they do not fly every day, the lodge will assist with finding the right flights for your group.

Los Angeles Loreto Alaska 10:00 2:40
San Diego / CBX TIJ Loreto Volaris 1:45 3:50

“Fishing the Lodge at Mag Bay was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  The fishing was absolutely phenomenal, but the entire experience was just fun and adventurous.  The food was great, the staff friendly and fun, and an all-around great time!” Kurt J.



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