Ed Manasse

Ed Manasse was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age and shares the same passion for it as his mom and dad. Born and raised in the Northeast, Ed became an avid whitetail hunter and spent countless hours with his parents and on his own pheasant hunting and fishing for both fresh and saltwater species from Long Island Sound to Lake Ontario. One of Ed’s life-long goals was to go on an African safari which became a reality this past June 2013 with one of BMOA’s premier outfitters.

Ed has spent the last 13 years in Florida as an operations and marketing specialist and spends every available moment with his family either in the woods or out saltwater fishing. Ed’s children, Carley, Lucas and Cody truly enjoy the outdoors and just last year both Carley and Lucas successfully harvested their first whitetail deer.

Ed has taken over operations beginning in 2014 and is focusing his efforts on expanding hunting and fishing opportunities both domestically and internationally.