Dr Diego Andrade

Dr Diego Andrade is a full time Endodontist in Winchester-VA. He was born in Brazil and moved to USA back in 2007. He is a passionate angler and hunter but addicted to Peacock Bass fishing traveling many times a year to the Brazilian Amazon in search of the “giants”. Together with his Son Nathan, they fish most of the main amazon rivers, catching species like Payaras, Giant Thraira, Arapaima and multi subspecies of Peacock Bass. They also complete together the Big Amazon Catfish Grand Slam (Red Tail Catfish, Jau, and Piraíba) and the Turkey Grand Slam. Dr. Diego has a vast knowledge about fishing in South America and also cultivate a good relationship with the many outfitters in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Diego is a Fish-Nation Pro Staff member and will be hosting several fishing adventures we offer.