News On African Lion Hunts

In April 2014, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service imposed a ban on the importation of legally hunted elephants from Zimbabwe. SCI and the National Rifle Association sued to challenge the ban and the case continues in federal court. Then in January 2016, the USF&W Service adopted regulations requiring individual permits for the importation of each African lion into the U.S. Since that date, the FWS has not granted a single permit for the importation of a legally hunted lion from Zimbabwe. Although the Department of the Interior has not lifted either the elephant or lion importation ban, SCI is optimistic that we can expect to see changes to the status of importation from Zimbabwe in the near future. It occurs to us here at Hunt Nation that right NOW may well be the time to hunt your African lion- while prices remain a bit depressed. If approval does come soon, expect free range lion prices to take a jump! Likewise, we are hopeful that once the lion imports begin, the high fence lion imports will also be allowed back into country. There would not seem to be a logical reason not to allow the estate lions too- but logic is not a guarantee when looking at politics. Still, right now you can do quality hunt for estate based lions for about half the old prices. So now you can take a male for around $6500 to $8500—and a female for about $4000—and our outfitters have agreed to hold the trophy for up to 3 years at no further charge! And you are hunting big acreage and normally walk miles to get your lion. So now we think is the time to consider a lion hunt, free range or estate. Please contact us if interested, and we can discuss the options with you and send you details. The 2017 hunts are substantially less in most cases then the 2018 hunts. But estate lions are the drop-dead bargains. Here are a few free-range hunts and a few Estate hunts: Estate Hunts: So. Africa # 204: Day Rate 1 on 1 is $280/day plus trophy fee. Lion (incl. claws + skull) $8,000 now — was $15,000 Lioness (no claws + skull) $4,000 (skin only) now — was $7,000 Lioness (incl. claws + skull) $6,500 now—was $8500 Zimbabwe #206 2017 hunts: 2 lion tags in the Zambezi valley (also open for 2018 at slightly more $) 18 days $1000/ day; 2% tax; Vat $22.50/ day; Trophy fee $30,000; Dip and pack $950. Also available on this hunt: Buffalo $6500; Crocodile $6000; Hippo $5250 For additional information on these adventures or anything else on your bucket list, give us a call at 307.637.5495 or email [email protected]

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