If you’re looking for a truly great sportsman’s lodge and an Alaska salmon fishing package, whether it is saltwater or freshwater, you’ve got to see Kodiak Island. Most of the outfitter’s packages are combo bottom fishing/salmon fishing trips.

Remote Alaskan Fishing for Salmon-  Kodiak Island, Alaska is truly a sportsman’s paradise. The outfitter is never more than a 10 to 30 minute boat ride away from Kodiak Island’s best fishing. The outfitter operates out of a remote, fly-in lodge accessible by a scenic 30 minute float plane flight with Island Air Service from Kodiak City. If you are looking for a truly remote Alaskan wilderness lodge, this is it. The outfitter fishes both saltwater and freshwater for salmon in protected Kiliuda Bay. There are several streams available to fish either with a fly rod or spin-casting rod and you’ll never see another fisherman. The outfitter offers full-day trips on the saltwater from a comfortable boat with a maximum of six people per boat. For an even better experience, if you have your own group and book a minimum of four fishermen, you will get exclusive use of the lodge and boat.

Trolling for King Salmon Fishing on Kodiak Island

With fishing so close to the lodge and short boat rides you will optimize your time fishing. The outfitter trolls several miles off the shoreline in Kiliuda Bay for Alaskan King Salmon (also called Chinook), Coho Salmon (also called Silver), Pink Salmon (also called Humpies) and Chum Salmon (also called Keta or Dog Salmon) depending on the time of the year. The outfitter uses quality Lamiglas rods, Abu Garcia reels and Cannon downriggers. The tackle box is full of several different types of baits and lures. The outfitter is always working to find the hot bait/lure of the week that the fish want. Salmon can be very fussy and a good charter captain must always have a variety of secret up his sleeve just for those times. Kiliuda Bay, 26 miles to the north of Old Harbor, has some of the biggest saltwater Kings on Kodiak Island. Kiliuda Bay has great bottom structure with lots of feed to hold salmon all year. The outfitter fishes for King Salmon all season, but late May through early July is the best time for hooking into one of these trophies. If you have never had a “big one” on the line, this is a thrill you will never forget and will make you a diehard King fisherman.

Stream and Saltwater Fishing for Other Salmon

Pinks and Chums come into the bay from offshore later in July and slowly enter the stream system in early August. Coho enter the bay around the last week of August and start entering into the streams around September. Early in this process, the outfitter trolls in the saltwater for these species. As the season progresses (around the first week of August) you can also walk in and do some stream fishing with either spinning gear and/or fly rods. You do not need to be an expert at either style of fishing.

Wildlife Viewing

While trolling or jigging out of the salmon charter boat in Alaska, the outfitter offers guests the opportunity to view many of the different species of wildlife Kodiak has to offer. Black-tailed deer, seals, sea otters, river otters, sea lions, orcas, dolphins, and the occasional breaching Humpback whale along with many different sea birds are just a few of the abundant wildlife in and around Kodiak Island. Kodiak Brown bears tours are always on the agenda while fishing. Bears are seen quite frequently along the shore, hunting for washed up morsels. This is a great way to safely view these giants for those that are timid about brown bears. Walking along the stream banks headed out to fish for Salmon and Dolly Varden with eagles flying above and bears looking for salmon in the streams will be more than exhilarating. Photography can actually distract you from your real purpose- fishing. Pinks, Chums, Dolly Varden and Coho are typical catches, but picture taking is always around the next corner.

Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charter Packages:
May 25 through Sept 25
3 days/4 nights $3,450
4 days/5 nights $3,850
5 days/6 nights $4,300
6 days/7 nights $4,800

If you would like to fish the day you arrive, it can be added on to any of the packages listed above. $325 per person for fishing a 1/2 day on your arrival day.

Non-fishing companion $475/day
Non-fishing children under 12 $350/day
($400 additional floatplane charge for non- fishing guests)
Includes: Round trip floatplane from Kodiak City to the lodge, remote ocean front lodging, meals, fishing tackle/gear, rubber boots/hip boots, quality rain gear and all fish processing/vacuum packing ( up to 2 – 50# waxed fish boxes for your fish) fishing license and king salmon stamp (filled out after your arrival).
Additional fish processed at $1/pound over 100 lb. per person

Sitka Black-Tail Deer Hunting

Kodiak Island, Alaska is truly a sportsman’s paradise. For the traveling hunter the destination “Kodiak, Alaska” conjures up big bears, fantastic sea duck hunting, and great opportunities to shoot a Sitka black-tail deer. If you are wondering where Black-tail deer are found in Alaska, Kodiak Island has a good population of black-tail deer.  Kodiak’s deer are much larger than southeast Alaska, reaching weights of 175 to 200 pounds, producing some excellent trophies. A big part of the appeal of Kiliuda Bay is the open country and its visibility. Hunting involves hiking up the hillsides, spending lots of time glassing and then stalking is the preferred method for Sitka black-tail deer. For the non-hiker, it is best to book a later hunt and you can stay down low and quietly wait for the deer to come to you.

Each day will begin with a hearty breakfast, then we’re off to transport you by boat to the spot of your choice (preferably with a partner) in Kiliuda Bay. You will be given a lunch and a VHF radio so that you can call to be picked up at the end of your hunting day. You will then be transported back to Kodiak Adventures Lodge where a comfortable room, hot shower, warm fire, and a delicious meal awaits you.

2019 – Pricing:
Nov. through Mid.December
6 days/7 nights $3,400
Youths under the age of 16 $2,475

Includes: Round trip floatplane from Kodiak City to the lodge. Remote ocean front lodging, meals, transportation to and from the daily hunting spot of your choice in the bay, VHF radio. We have Winch, gambrel, stainless steel table, cutting boards, knives, bone saw and wrapping materials are provided in an enclosed area to process your trophy once you are out of the field and freezer space is available. Your meat/cape will be put into an airline approved waxed box for your trip home.
Not Included: Commercial Airfare, alcoholic beverages and hunting license/tags. ($160 non-resident license, $300 per deer tag)

Sea Duck Hunting on Kodiak Island

For waterfowl hunters, sea duck hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska is one of the top destinations to experience waterfowl hunting at its finest. There is a large variety of species including: Black, White Wing, and Surf Scoters, Harlequin, Old Squaw, Common and Barrow’s Golden-eye, Red Breasted and Common Merganser, Bufflehead, Bluebill, Mallards and many other puddle ducks early in the season. Some of the puddle ducks also winter here in Kodiak and can be hunted until the end of the season. Alaska’s sea ducks migrate to here, not though here. Kodiak Island is the final wintering place for many of them and Kiliuda Bay is ice free all winter. The season starts in October and runs through late January. If you are looking for fully plumed birds to mount, I suggest hunting in mid Nov. – January.
The outfitter provides fully guided Alaska duck hunting charters. You will be hunting over decoys with a guide and a top quality retriever. Depending on the season, you may get the opportunity to do some jump shooting as well. To provide you with a quality hunt, group size is two to four hunters. This gives your group exclusive use of the lodge.

Duck hunting has been a lifetime passion for this outfitter. He’s hunted birds from Texas to Alaska, but nothing compares to the sea duck hunting on Kodiak Island. The outfitter works hard to provide you with the duck hunt of a lifetime. So practice up, bring lots of shells and get ready for your stay at our comfortable Alaskan lodge with hot showers, great meals and ocean view rooms. All birds will be cleaned, wrapped, boxed and ready for transport at the end of your hunt. During your duck hunt you may even choose to do a day of Halibut and Black Rockfish fishing as well or some fox hunting at no additional charge. One- day fishing licenses are available. The outfitter can also customize any one of our trips to include other hunting or fishing opportunities. It only takes your imagination for us to put together your combo package.

2019 Sea Duck Hunt Prices:
Oct 8 – Jan
3 days Hunting/4 Nights $2,700
4days Hunting/5 Night $3,200
5 days Hunting/6 Nights 3,700

All prices are subject to change until a deposit is received.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Trip deposits and balances paid are nonrefundable. We therefore strongly advise you to purchase trip insurance immediately after booking a trip. In the event that you must cancel your trip due to illness, family crisis or other emergency, this insurance should reimburse you for non-refundable trip costs, including limited accident and baggage coverage. FURTHERMORE- We strongly urge clients traveling to remote areas , to also purchase a medical evacuation insurance policy as well. The evacuation policy we sell will evacuate you directly from wherever you are. WE suggest the Signature plan as the more comprehensive coverage- as it provides both trip and evacuation coverage. Click the link below for more info. https://globalrescue.com/huntnation/index.html

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