We at Fish Nation have been privileged to fish all over the world, from chasing Taimen in Outer Mongolia; to Sailfish and Marlin in Guatemala; to Roosterfish and more in Costa Rica; to bonefish and permit in Belize, Steelhead and salmon– and much more. However,  fishing the freshwater of the Amazon gave us a brand new appreciation for a truly overlooked resource! Hooking up with a giant Peacock is a mind blowing experience and it generates truly awesome fun!!  Just the coloration of the fish makes you feel like you should bow down and thank the Lord for creating such a masterpiece of color and grit. Wow!

Our biggest surprise was the calm nature of this area. While many have visions of giant snakes, ferocious piranhas and jungle danger scaring them away; the reality is much different. All is well organized and very safe. Virtually no bugs due to the natural acidity of the water. Modest amounts of bird life, but generally quiet and laid back. One of our Pro-Staffers, Diego, has made several dozen Brazilian fishing trips, often with his baby and his wife and his 6 year old son! All happily swimming in the waters! This is not anything to fear.

We met with the owner of this excellent Brazilian Fishing outfit in Manaus, Brazil in February of 2024. We were shown his current huge 3 story 114’ yacht including reviewing the kitchen, lounge, deck, bar and staterooms. His knowledge of the Brazil peacock fishery has been earned in the trenches over 20 some years, working for various fishing operations before going off on his own. He speaks excellent English and to say he is helpful is akin to saying the sun is pretty warm! This guy loves people; has a huge depth of local fishing knowledge; and then goes far beyond normal to insure that his clients are happy and are safe and having fun! We liked him immediately and spent a couple days with him learning his operation. This guy knows the peacock fishery here inside out. And clients love him.

It may surprise you to learn that the Amazon is approximately 4 times the size of the state of California!! The Amazon river is 4,000 miles long; and by volume is the largest river in the world! To give you more perspective, realize that 3 of the 10 largest rivers in the world are only tributaries of this mighty river. The Rio Negro is one of those tributaries and it is often considered to be the epi- center for catching the biggest of the peacock bass species. Here lives the largest species in the genus, the speckled peacock bass (C. temensis).

It reaches up to 13 kg (29 lb) in weight and 1 m (3.3 ft) in length, possibly making it the largest species of cichlid in the world. The speckled peacock bass mostly display a color pattern based on a theme of three wide vertical stripes on their bodies, sometimes with smaller intermediate bands, against a grey, brown, bright yellow, or green background. The color contrast is startling! They also exhibit a spot on their tail fins that resembles the eyes on a peacock’s tail feathers—a feature which resulted in their peacock name- (this “ocellus”(eye) is a common feature of South American cichlids, and is thought to deter predators and fin-biting piranhas). In addition, many adult fishes (primarily males, but also some females) develop a pronounced hump on their foreheads (nuchal hump) shortly before and during the rainy season, when they generally spawn. Other physical traits can vary greatly, depending on the species, the river, the individual, and the stage of development. These include dark rosettes instead of stripes, light speckles, and impressive shades of bright green, orange, blue, and gold Most everyone fishing these storied waters is looking for peacock bass that meet  or exceed the 80 centimeter mark (about 31.5”). That is the milestone to shoot for, although any peacock of any size will earn your respect in spades. And we even caught a bunch on our fly rods- and that meant lots of burned fingers! There are 15 species of these peacock bass, each with different colors.

These fish are truly explosive in their top water strikes and in their battles to escape. Tremendous power and sudden surges, combined with jungle scenery and no competition means a great adventure. Add to that a large comfortable “mother ship”; seasoned and experienced guides; bass boats with large motors to cover lots of ground; a variety of strange fish to tangle with- and you have a world class adventure. Here are comments from several lady anglers:

“ Fishing on the Amazon River is quite an experience. I’ve been going to the Amazon for 18 years, been in several different fishing companies. This is definitely by far the most efficient fishing group around. The service you get is way more than you could ever expect. The guides will take you into lagoons and chop the way into the jungle. When you go in there you land a 19 lbs fish, 20 lbs fish, 23 lbs fish. I’ve caught a 24,5 lbs. It’s just a great experience, is all I can say, every time.”   Patti G.   TX.

” Fishing with this operation is an experience of a lifetime! The expert guides are always eager to help you find the best fish in the Rio Negro. The owners and staff work day in and day out to ensure your trip is personalized, fun, entertaining and memorable. Everyone on board is more than accommodating, they are all accomplished. My husband and I cannot wait to get back again very soon! ” Ashley E.   NV.

Typically the majority of angler use either medium heavy bass tackle or spin tackle, loaded with 40 to 65 pound test braided line and tough fluorocarbon leaders of at least 40 pound or heavier. Tree roots abound and wrestling a 10 to 20 pound peacock out of those labyrinths is not easy! You need backbone in your tackle. By the way- no fish is kept- all go back into the resource, ensuring its long term viability.  It helps to be able to cast accurately and to reach the very edge of shore. Ripping big propeller lures is a favorite method, but you need super strong hooks to avoid bending to the power of these fish. We had a 6x strong hook get bent! We will send you an equipment list, but they do laundry daily and so just a few sets of clothing are enough. Plenty of sun protection is a must, including long sleeves, face buffs, big brims on hats etc. This outfit also offers a lure selection you can purchase, chosen to give you exactly what you need. We at Fish Nation can also make suggestions. And there are good tackle stores in Manaus that offer many specialized lures, both surface and sub-surface. But those truly explosive top water strikes will make you jump a foot! Fly fishers should use 8 or 9 weight rods with weight forward tapers along with a slow sink tip outfit as well. Talk to us at Fish Nation about suggested flies, but generally slightly weighted 3 to 6 inch flies representing other fish work. Not shy fish!!! Noisy surface poppers work well too.

Other species you may catch include three other species of peacock bass (Orinoco, Popoca and Tara), and multiple game fishes like Arowana, Arapaimas, Red Tail Catfish, Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish, Piraíba (Lau-Lau) and many others. Incidentally Piranha are delicious we found out. And the partially air breathing and almost eel like Arowana are carnivorous, often being specialized surface feeders. They are excellent jumpers; and have been seen leaping more than 6 feet from the water surface to pick off insects and birds from overhanging branches in South America, hence the nickname “water monkeys”.

Being in the Amazon, you have the chance to live it all. One day, all anglers will gather for a special lunch on a specially selected sandy shore of the Rio Negro for a Lunch specially prepared by the guides in a local way. While relaxing in hammocks, sitting under a tree shadow, or dangling your feet from chairs in the water, you will taste some local fish and a Brazilian BBQ. Later in the week, you will dock beside a beautiful sandbar. There the team will set up the best Dinner by Moonlight in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest, with specially prepared cocktails and tasty snacks before having our famous Brazilian Barbecue dinner, served by our master cooks, under the beautiful sky, lit up by the stars and the moon. Unusual for this area, all their guides speak passable English, and they will take out your reel’s bird nests; untangle your lures from trees; even dive into the depths to retrieve your big fish from the jungle roots! And do it with smiles!!

Your yacht is fully-air conditioned, features 10 practical and comfortable suites, individual bathrooms with hot water, offering a restful retreat after your fishing day adventures. Then enjoy delicious meals served at the restaurant on the main deck. When evening falls, move to the upper-deck Bar & Lounge — the perfect spot to unwind and take in the beauty of the Amazonian landscape. Importantly you can stay connected with the outside world through their reliable and fast Starlink satellite antenna internet service. And to make your stay even more convenient, we provide daily complimentary laundry services. Maximum number of fishers on board is 8 to 12. Every two have their own bass boat. A solo boat and room is an extra charge.


Day l:  Arrive in Manaus, they will be at the airport to welcome you and take you to the check-in for the charter flight to Barcelos (l-hour flight). After landing, they will transport you to the mother boat for accommodation and for a general explanation and instructions. After that, you may start fishing.

Days 2 to 7: – Fishing and fun.

Last Day: All good things must come to an end. After breakfast on board, it’s time to fly back to Manaus and then home. For those flying home on the same day, we will take you directly to the check-in counter and assist you in the entire process. Those staying in Manaus will be taken to the hotel and briefed by our ground team about extra activities and arrangements for their departure. This extra day is often useful. This makes for a 9 day itinerary.

Included: Transfers in Manaus (all ground transfer from/to airport/hotel), hotel accommodations in Manaus with Breakfast, round trip charter flight, six & half day fishing, all meals and beverages on board, laundry service on board, Starlink Internet, a bass boat for two anglers and guide, fishing licenses, fishing gear (rods, reels, and line).

 Not Included: Visas International Flights, vaccines if any, Meals and Hotel extras in Manaus, lures, Tips, and any other items not mentioned as included.

2024 PRICING:  $5995 per person, double occupancy. A deposit of one-half secures your dates.

DATES: Generally September to March. Other times can have waters that are too high for good fishing.


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