Butch's Tips For A 2×1 Hunt

RULE #1: NEVER agree to flip a coin for the first shot! A guy might go 4 days without pulling the trigger! Whoever lost the flip paid the same as the first guy- but gets little hunt time. RULE #2: ALWAYS INSIST on a fair split of the hunt. Fair means 50%. Normally in our own guiding, and in our own hunts, we insist on this arrangement – one hunter hunts the first morning; then the other hunter hunts the first afternoon. You reverse that the next day with the afternoon hunter hunting the morning. Continue the pattern for the whole hunt. In this way everyone hunts 50% of the hunt. RULE #3: If an animal is declined the other guy can take the shot! Some guys have different standards and it makes no sense to drive away from an animal that would satisfy one hunter. Besides, once that animal is taken, the remaining hunter ends up with a 1X1 hunt. One other thought. Be aware that if you conduct a hunt according to our Rules, each hunter will in effect have a 1X1 hunt for half the hunt. You have the guide all to yourself today in the morning, tomorrow in the afternoon and so on. So for practical purposes you have the exclusive use of the guide for half of every day. With a normal 5 day hunt, there are 10 prime times (5 mornings, 5 afternoons). You want to hunt half of those prime periods. Our formula will accomplish that. EXCEPTION: ARCHERY OR CALLING SITUATIONS. When calling for critters (such as elk)- you never know where an animal may pop up- so stick to the above rules, but realize if the prime hunter cannot take a safe shot, the other hunter should take it! Often animals circle callers, and everyone needs to be alert. We do suggest you talk to your hunting partner and the guide about this situation, so there are no hard feelings. Good Luck & Happy Hunting!!]]>