Wyoming #202

“The total experience is fantastic. This is the real mountain west… and the right way to see and experience the real mountain west. This was our 2nd guided trip into the incomparable Wind River Range with them. We spent a night in the cabins and then 4 nights at a backcountry base camp doing day trips to fish or ride or hike or climb (or sit around the camp and do nothing!). Fishing was spectacular… this is the way fishing is supposed to be… every good cast with a dry fly is rewarded with a slashing strike! We figured between the 9 of us, we were well into four digits in total number of wild trout caught. Creeks and lakes were all fishing well. Whenever the sun is shining after 10 am, its “hopper time” in all those waters. But parachute Adams and elk-hair Caddis might have been just as hot. The  horses are great and their patience is only exceeded by their wranglers knowledge and hard work! Food was great and the wranglers were very interesting and accomplished folks. They do all the hard work at camp and we just enjoy the spectacular mountain country.