NWT # 28-3 Don S.

“Crystal-clear waters allow you to see 20- to 50-pound lake trout swimming below. For a changeup, fish the river for big, hungry grayling, the sailfish of the North. Even pike are available. AND THIS IS THE ONLY LODGE ON THIS 1,700-SQUARE MILE LAKE, SO THERE IS ALMOST ZERO FISHING PRESSURE! Expect to catch lots of fish, lots of big fish (lakers to 50 pounds). You may even see caribou, musk ox, wolves, Arctic foxes and more. And choose your weapons: both conventional tackle and fly fishing are excellent choices for these big and uneducated leviathans (fly anglers must bring their own fishing gear). The average laker will be 15 to 30 pounds (but plenty 30-50 lbs.), and grayling can reach 5 pounds! “