Newfoundland #148- Tom S.

Butch, Thanks for setting me up on a truly great Newfoundland moose hunt. I was at the Lake Camp and everything was absolutely top notch with lots of game, comfortable camp, friendly and experienced guides (my guide was guiding for his 47th year!) and the best food I’ve ever had in a back-country camp. I got my money’s worth since it took until Saturday morning (last 1/2 day) to finally find a suicidal moose, but we closed the deal on a small bull. We glassed lots of big bulls, but they were in the timber with cows and would not move or come to a call. I also saw some really big woodland caribou (next trip). This was physically one of the hardest hunts that I have ever done since we walked probably 8-10 miles each day through the marshy ground and the thick scrub, but I loved it!