Mozambique #157- Pete J.

I went on your recommended Mozambique safari – Hunt #157. THANK YOU! It was my best hunt in Africa to date. In fact, I never thought any trip could equal my trips to China and Mongolia that you have sent me on — but this one did. To start—-the outfitter and his staff are just great people to work with. They answered all my questions prior to the hunt—-there were no surprises! Their “Greeter”, Jami, was right there at the airport to meet me——he walked me through every procedure—-no questions or problems anywhere getting through Moz. customs or getting cleared on the gun permit. Then their pilot, Pete, was on hand answering every question. He is a very personable and knowledgeable young man and a great pilot. When we arrived at the landing strip at camp, more great people to meet and take care of me. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. I was then taken to my main camp and met Sara and my PH, LJ Marisi. I was soon settled in my cabin with more help than was needed. Sara took care of every request immediately without question. ( I only had one major request and that was extra blankets and a minor, for a candle—–I knew that I would be up every morning before the generator would come on). After getting completely settled,—off to their gun range to shoot my gun as well as the 416 Remington rental. All was well! I need to add that the facilities and the food as well as the hospitality was more than anyone could ask for. On to the hunt———game was plentiful and the PH and the two trackers, Mudu and Venise were just outstanding. All three took excellent care of me every day. It was just a wonderful hunt———I am glad that I opted for the Buff hunt in the Swamp. It was an experience that every hunter to Africa needs to see and experience—-I am glad I went, although, it was a very taxing hunt (in the Swamp ) for this 72 year old hunter. I may never get to go back to Africa——getting old just ain’t for sissies—-but if I do get to go, it will most likely be with them again for their great plains game. I still want a Sable, as well as their Reedbuck, Bushbuck and Hartebeest. Please feel free to use me as a reference. My hat is off to both you and them for providing an outstanding hunt and experience.