Belize #63- Butch M.

We went to do some flats fishing for bones, permit and tarpon, and also to do some world class snorkeling. We had done a good deal of research to try and find what we thought would be a premium destination for fly and spin fishing, and for snorkeling for the non-fishers, all in a remote area but having excellent amenities. Not easy to find, but we did it! This place was about a 9.5 out of 10! Fishers and non-fishers had a ball. You are incredibly remote and you live literally where you fish. The reef and the waters are gin clear and beautiful. You could stand on the Lodge deck, or by the Infinity pool, and see a hundred bonefish tailing just a few yards from the Lodge. Not a few either- a ton of them. Typical day was up around 6, breakfast about 7, then off to the flats boats, or else to the snorkeling boat. The flats guides were always ready for us – always! Much appreciated.