Alaska Brown Bear and Moose Hunt #233

Alaska Brown Bear and Moose Hunt #233


This outfitter is one we have worked with for about 10 years sending brown bear clients and moose clients to him. He hunts the famed Wood Tikchik area; he also hunts the equally famous Togiak area; and he hunts the big brown bears of Admiralty Island, which is equally well known. In short, in terms of potential, he is centered in some great wilderness. His camp is a fly-in camp, suitable for superb fishing and as an up scale hunt base as well.

This is the ideal moose hunt for guys who do not want to kill themselves fighting Alaska’s muskeg flats. This very successful outfitter uses small jet boats to access many small and remote rivers, creeks and ponds. Because they are the only ones in the area with those type of rigs, clients typically do not have to walk very far to get their moose. They do a lot of calling in of moose to the hunters, and a little spot and stalk over relatively shorter distances. That said, it is still not a hunt for someone who cannot climb easily in and out of boats; up steep banks and push through some willows and water. But it is markedly easier then most Alaskan moose hunts. Call it a 5 on a 10 scale of effort. You have extremely high success on big moose in the 55 to 65 inch range, and with great comfort.

It is also the case that this is the place to do a moose/brown bear combination hunt! Virtually 100% on both species is the norm! You will see bears while moose hunting- often many of them! You will regret not having a bear tag in your pocket. Bears here average in the 8’ to 9’ range and you should have multiple chances. In 2011 he was 14 for 14 on bear! And about the same on the moose!

AK-233-Brown-Bear-Cone-225x300  These hunt Areas are NOT draw areas…due to abundance of game tags are available. Some tags are available “over the counter” and others are available through the Outfitter as the permit holder for the area. Outfitter will handle this for you.

Next consideration is lodging. Normally on moose hunts you are spiking out in tents, with cots and sleeping bags, eating freeze dried meals with some cooking too. You CAN do that here, and some clients prefer that. BUT- if you are a guy who relishes an upscale lodge, nice sheets, hot showers, chef prepared meals and the like- you CAN DO IT HERE!! Here is the lodge:

The main dining lodge has an atmosphere of relaxed, friendly comfort. It is yours to enjoy. Relax on the front deck overlooking the water and the superb rainbow and char fishing! Inside a variety of teas and coffee are always available to go with some of Alaska’s best homemade cookies. You can enjoy the cozy warmth of the woodstove while reading, visiting or kidding the chef! Catch giant rainbow trout and 3 to 6 pound Arctic char until you tire yourself out!

Your comfortable personal waterfront sleeping cabin is of spruce and cedar. Cabins have propane lights and heat. Cabins have two single beds with warm cover blankets, chairs, table, clothing shelves, art work, decorative candles and floor rugs. Individual bathrooms have flush toilets, sink and mirror. The shower house has an endless supply of on demand hot water for a great shower.

AK #233 Brown Bear pic of 2015

DESCRIPTION OF HUNT: Southwest Alaska – Wood~Tikchik Park

Conducted in some of Alaska’s most beautiful country in Southwest Alaska’s Wood River-Tikchik River Park. You will base out of the main Lodge. You may choose to stay at the lodge or at the out camps. They use small mobile outboard river jet boats as your mode of transportation everyday.
You will hunt moose in the same country where they spend all summer fishing clients in the local rivers and streams. Hunting is done by both “spot and stalk” and “calling” methods. Because they also have a great bear population in and around the streams, you hunt bear in conjunction with your moose hunting, spending some time concentrating on the salmon spawning areas of the region.
Specific areas they hunt and how they hunt depend on weather variables, rut activity, salmon spawning activity, client desires and client physical condition.
While hunting moose and bear you also have daily access to world class rainbow trout, arctic char and arctic grayling fishing.

Origination is Dillingham Alaska. They will do the skinning and trophy preparation for shipping to expeditor.
Additional costs:
• License $85, Bear Tag $500, Moose tag $400, Wolf Tag $30
• Fishing License $50, Dillingham B&B overnight $150 / Nonresident Hunter Preservation Fund $150 / $950. Bush flying rd trip (includes meat flights)
• Accompanying Non-hunter $3,500.
• Final trophy prep and shipping through Anchorage expeditors to client.

OUTFITTER’S EARLY SEPTEMBER REPORT: Busy here. Have taken 6 brown bear in last 15 days and yesterday was the first day of moose season and our Australian hunter took a great bull.
Have 2 moose hunters yet to go and another half dozen bear hunters over the balance of September.
The Lodge Wood-Tikchik Park bears are averaging right at 8′ in size. The Togiak bears are averaging about 9′ in size.

OUTFITTERS 2014 REPORT: Last fall we had total of 16 brown Bear hunters (which includes our Moose/Bear combos) and we took 12 bears. The hunters not taking bears generally see quite a few bears but we will not allow them to take young bears. In most unsuccessful cases we do not get the opportunity to take an older/mature bear which is what we strive for. Moose we had 6 hunters and killed 4 bulls. One of the unsuccessful hunters left 6 days early due what we believe is his Attention Defecit Disorder and not believing there were any moose unless he was actually seeing them. The other unsuccessful hunter shot a bear but never saw a large enough bull moose to shoot on his hunt.

Spring Brown Bear ~ Admiralty Island
April 30 – 11 / Openings = 3
May 11-21 / Opening s = 2
Cost: $15,500 + $950 for the bush charter flight (early camp departures add $600)
Fall Brown Bear ~ Fishing Bear Lodge Based from Lodge, or choose to stay at out-camps.
August 20 – 31 / Openings = 2
Sept. 17 – 28 / Openings = 3
Cost: $15,500 + $950. Bush flying rd trip (early camp departures add $600)
Based from Lodge. Remote boat out or fly out tented spike camps optional for success in some locations depending on client desires and abilities. (Early camp departures add $600)
Moose and Brown Bear
~ Wood Tikchik Park area -Multi-species hunt from nice wilderness lodge with great fishing.
Moose and/or Brown Bear ~ Fishing Bear Lodge ~ Wood Tikchik Park area / Multi-species hunt from nice wilderness lodge with great fishing.
FULL FOR 2017 Booking NOW for 2018 Sept. 1 – 17
Cost: $26,500. + $950. Bush flying rd trip (early camp departures add $600

FALL Brown Bear ~ Togiak
Hunt Togiak National Wildlife Refuge Area / Togiak National Wildlife Refuge & Private Lands in the refuge. Remote tent camps.
Aug. 19-30 Opening = 3
Aug. 30 – 10 Sept. Openings = 1
Sept. 10 – 21 Openings = 1
Sept. 18 – 29 Openings = 3
Sept. 21 – 2 Oct Openings = 1
Cost: $18,500 + $950 for charter bush flight. (early camp departures add $600)

MOOSE: BOOKING NOW FOR 2018 FOR MOOSE ONLY. INQUIRE PLEASE. We encourage clients to do the moose/bear combo

Alaska #233 Moose Pic



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